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.....a great think-piece about food safety and leadership......

Andrew Thomson at Think ST Solutions has written a great think-piece about food safety and leadership.

After reading it, we noted down some critical questions it raises for food safety leaders:

➡️Do leaders across our organisation understand our food safety obligations and the ongoing commitment required, or are they simply looking for a quick fix?
➡️Is our food safety management plan unique to our organisational and regulatory context, or has it been copied and pasted from elsewhere?
➡️Is our food safety management plan regularly validated, tested and reviewed, or is it just put on a shelf?
➡️Do our leaders demonstrate a genuine, ongoing commitment to food safety, or is this only paid lip service when an incident occurs?
➡️Is accountability for food safety built into our day-to-day operations, or is this left in the hands of inspectors and auditors?

Read more below, and if you need help with your food safety management plan, get in touch with Think ST Solutions!

Gemma Gamble
Monika Australia

.....really enjoyed the texture modified food webinar.....

I really enjoyed the texture modified webinar, a good refresher and as a former dietitian it was good to see new standards in place. It felt like it went into just enough detail, good explanations without going too long.

Melanie Swiatek
Riviana Foodservice

Webinar feedback.....

Just watched the webinar, thank you for that.

Some very useful information and tools. I have made some notes and ideas that I can put into place here at the hospital.

Look forward to the next one!

Scott Mac-Diarmid

Hotel Services Manager

Murray Bridge Soldiers' Memorial Hospital

Thank you....

Thank you for your ideas and advice.

Judy Amzalak | Food Services Manager

Wolper Jewish Hospital

"...thrilled with the support....

PISA: Delivering Meals And On Expectations seeks advice and training from Think ST Solutions and we have been thrilled with the support Andrew Thomson has provided. The partnership we have developed enhances our approach to Food Safety which means we provide excellent service to our clientele.

Kelley Russo

Chief Executive

PISA: Delivering Meals And On Expectations

...had obviously taken the time to investigate the issues...

Andrew gave an informative and thoughtful presentation at the New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health Conference, held at Massey University in Wellington. This conference attracts Environmental Health professionals from the whole of New Zealand. He had obviously taken the time to investigate the issues and combined with the fact Andrew had come from Australia helped him present some differing perspectives to us.

Stephen Bell, President
New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health (NZIEH)

"...focused on real life application of the legislative requirements..."

To me, this indicates a high level of value from your training session. The group was focused on real life application of the legislative requirements that you presented and were able to use some of your examples provided for training to stimulate risk management thinking.I provided copies of your comprehensive resource folder to group members unable to attend the training session and this has enabled them to engage with the action planning process, providing all necessary background information. The session provided a spring board for a full review of the process in place for this group - just as described in brief.Thank you for hearing the specific needs of our group and tailoring the training appropriately

Jennie Gunther - Corporate Coordinator, Lifestyle & Volunteer Programmes
Eldercare Incorporated

" and scenarios of our factory, this assisted our staff to have a better understanding..."

Andrew’s previous knowledge of our Food Processing business enabled him to develop a personalised Food Safety course.  Creating a user friendly training booklet with photos and scenarios of our factory, this assisted our staff to have a  better understanding of Food Safety within their daily environment.   I would highly recommend Think Solutions for all your Food Safety training needs

Annie Borg, QA & HR Co-ordinator
Barker Boy Fresh

"...ensure the success of your business..."

If you want to make sure you have done everything possible to ensure the success of your business this guide is an excellent start. No one wants to go through a major food poisoning event in their business as there are only two possible outcomes and they are you could actually lose your business or it may take years to recover and regain the confidence of your customers whether that be in a Healthcare or restaurant environment. Even in the best run business there are no absolute guarantees that you won’t go through one of these events, but using this well researched guide you will minimise your risk and be able to provide the evidence required to show that you have taken every possible precaution in keeping your customers safe.

John Patison, Immediate Past National President
Institute of Hospitality in HealthCare

"...Andrew is to be congratulated for his innovative approach..."

I was most pleased when Andrew accepted an invitation to speak at our annual state conference. His presentation on food safety centred on the essence of frustration experienced by many environmental health officers when assessing the skills and knowledge of food handlers and encouraging business proprietors to manage their businesses at acceptable hygienic standards at all times. The tools that are now available through Think ST Solutions to assist both the food industry and regulators alike to achieve and maintain acceptable standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the food industry are long overdue. Andrew is to be congratulated for his innovative approach in providing these much needed tools for industry.

Mark Dwyer, State President
Environmental Health Australia Inc (Tas)

"...not only of great interest to EHOs..."

The 66th annual Environmental Health Australia (WA) Inc state conference was an outstanding success due in part to the large attendance from local Environmental Health Officers but also to the calibre of speakers (in which Andrew was one) and the variety of sponsors presenting in the breakout rooms of the South Perth Esplanade Hotel. From the feedback that was received in the post conference survey, it was identified that Andrew and the products and services that his company provides were not only of great interest to EHOs in WA but also considered to a potentially valuable tool in the food safety delivery system for businesses to adopt where they are facing difficulty understanding and adopting the Regulations and Code (FSANZ FSS).

I have no doubt that anyone who adopts the procedures that have been developed by Andrew and Think ST Solutions will be able to comply with the requirements of the Code and the LGA.

Justin Sabastian Strange MEHA
Strange Consultancy Group Australia

"...very positive...easy to understand"

Feedback from your (food safety training) session was very positive, with staff stating the information was easy to understand.

Christopher Browne, Executive Officer
Baltic Communities Home Inc.