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About Us

Think ST Solutions offers practical solutions to both management and employees in hospitals, aged care facilities, restaurants, hotels, foodservice operations across the food industry. Think ST Solutions specialise in food safety training, risk management and compliance strategies, audit, training and business improvement solutions.

A food safety incident is preventable; having knowledgeable management and well-trained food-handling employees is your best protection.

As a market leader Think ST Solutions food safety training, compliance and business solutions help protect hospitality and foodservice operations to keep food safe and avoid costly food safety incidents. Strengthen your food safety systems by building food handler food safety knowledge, skills and confidence.

Think ST Solutions food safety and compliance training programs and business solutions help protect hospitality and foodservice businesses. Training solutions by Think ST Solutions give confidence to management and food handling employees to keep food safe, identify food safety hazards and be compliant with food safety laws and standards. This helps to lower business risk.

Our Service

At Think ST Solutions, we understand that the success and good reputation of your food operation requires the input of many different components. One of the most important of those is the implementation of sound business practices which includes having access to up-to-date information.

Think ST Solutions help you with practical, innovative and accessible business advice about the hospitality and foodservice industry that comes directly from experienced industry professionals.

Practical tools developed by Think ST Solutions have taken the legislative food laws developed by food regulatory agencies and put them into easily downloadable products that you can begin using today. You will begin to understand what food safety risks may exist within your food operation and what you can do to prevent them from creating any problems for you or the public. All products can be tailored to the needs of your operation or Think ST Solutions can build a risk management program unique to your business.



Think ST Solutions food safety webinars are presented by industry experts on a broad range of topics associated with food safety. Webinar topics range from food safety training, food safety programs, on-the-job food safety activities to advising of regulatory changes and implications and more. In 2022, Think ST Solutions have partnered with the Canadian Global Food Safety Resource – Safe Food Training Hub to offer food safety webinars to a wider hospitality and foodservice audience.

Customised Food Safety Training Resources

Think ST Solutions market-leading food safety training solutions have helped managers and thousands of food handling employees keep food safe for hospitality and foodservice businesses. A tailored Think ST Solutions training solution is specific to your food business and employee needs. Workplace training solutions provided by Think ST Solutions help you keep food safe and avoid costly food safety incidents.

Under Construction

Think ST Solutions have several new food safety and training products currently being developed.