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About Us

Think ST Solutions is a food consultancy offering practical solutions to both management and staff in hospitals, aged care facilities, restaurants, hotels and the food industry. We specialise in food safety, strategic planning, business management, risk and compliance training and business consultancy solutions.

Andrew Thomson is the company director for Think ST Solutions.

He was until recently a board member of a not for profit community food service operation.

Andrew is a results-driven professional with proven abilities in the food regulatory, food service, commercial and education spheres in roles that encompass training, quality assurance and consultancy dealing with food safety, education and policy compliance.

Andrew works collaboratively with Dr Douglas Powell, a former professor of food safety and other consultants to provide compelling, informative and relevant food safety and training information and a consulting service.

Our Service

At Think ST Solutions, we understand that the success and good reputation of your food operation requires the input of many different components. One of the most important of those is the implementation of sound business practices which includes having access to up-to-date information.

We help you with practical, innovative and accessible business advice about the food industry that comes directly from experienced industry professionals. Our diverse team of experts will provide you with a comprehensive approach in solving any question, problem or concern that may arise in your operation.

Our established long term relationships with Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies will ensure that you achieve superb results and keep you on track. We customise our information to suit your needs and to help you in achieving your desired goals and objectives.

Our industry experts can help you with:

  • conducting systems reviews and internal audits;
  • a food safety system desk top audit;
  • interpreting Health Department Audit Reports;
  • developing information resources to be used for staff training;
  • developing quality assurance and continuous improvement strategies;
  • training and improvement solutions; and
  • practical management systems and solutions.

We work with you to add value by identifying and assisting in the development of approaches to manage risk and compliance matters at the operational level.


Our tools have taken the legislative food laws developed by regulatory agencies and put them into easy downloadable products that you can begin using today. You will begin to understand what food safety risks may exist within your food operation and what you can do to prevent them from creating any problems to you or the public.All of our products can be tailored to the needs of your operation or we can build risk management program unique to your business.
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