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What Is A Commitment To Employee Training?

by Andrew Thomson on November 6, 2019

Change and growth are a part of any successful operation. The right frame of mind and the right strategy will convert change into growth. If you see learning, training and retraining as part of that strategy then you’re committed to seeing and using change as a positive force in your operation. Committing to training just means you are committed to doing business better.

If this applies to you it applies to everyone in your workplace. Your team reflects you. Training is for everyone. Training is a constant. Training is important.

Importance Of Training

At the most basic level training is an important part of your organisation and is critical for people to perform their job. More training lets them excel at what they do, it motivates people as greater understanding helps engagement, it encourages employees in a way that creates a relationship that is based on respect, it rewards with greater employability and it gives your operation the edge.

If you want your employees to be motivated the way you are, train them well. Give them a taste of your perspective. Organisations often forget that it is very important to share the overall strategy with all employees. Training employees in areas other than in job specific duties will help your operation. Food Safety, Quality Assurance, Financial Management and Supervisory Management as well as non-core soft-skill areas like, verbal communications, writing and team skills can all be part of this education.

Your Needs

Most organisations agree that training is important; however, many of those same organisations say they cannot afford the time or financial commitment required to train their employees.

As the manager YOU must conduct an accurate assessment of where your organisation and employees are today and where the organisation wants to go in the future. Without an analysis, it will be difficult for you and your organisation to prioritise initiatives and focus resources on those priorities. Training to meet your needs, within set budgets and time frames is what’s called for.

Can We Help?

Nobody in business would disagree with the cliché that a company is only as good as the people in it. How good are you? How much training do you need?

We provide strategic training advice, training and assessment strategies to your requirements. No matter how big your business is or how small, we can help.

The options are endless. Sending employees off-site for training can be very expensive.

Training in groups at your facility doesn’t always allow you to accomplish all you want. Individually – How do you present this to employees? If the training is difficult to administer it may not be successful. We work with you to design affordable and convenient Employee Training.

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