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Tick Box Training

by Andrew Thomson on November 28, 2020

Ticking the training box is widespread in many sectors of the Australian food industry – it must stop!

When it comes to the safety of your customers a more in-depth approach to training and compliance procedures is required and this needs to avoid a ‘tick box’ approach.

The simple fact is many food business owners and managers are still focused on generic compliance training approaches and wanting a quick fix!

Employee training programs are more than acquiring information and facts and then being tested to see what you can recall. It involves demonstrating in a quite specific way that employees can perform tasks to a standard of performance.

Many food business owners and managers introduce training to raise a level of awareness about compliance issues and the expected standards of behaviour. Often this training is face-to-face and it may be ineffective, if it includes too much complex information, or focuses too much on the law and not enough on behaviour.

Increasingly more businesses are turning to e-learning to deliver food safety (and work health and safety) compliance training. An analysis of food prosecution registers and food-borne illness data highlights no improvement in food handler behaviour generally and standards of food safety.

Current research suggests that under-investing in employees to keep costs to a minimum significantly impacts on an organisation and leads to poor operational performance, higher employee turnover and lost profits, which in turn, leads to even less training and an inferior operational performance.

Moving forward

  • Make learning and development a key feature in day-to-day operations
  • A commitment to continuous improvement that manifests itself in a highly trained workforce and recognises the value of all employees
  • Provide your employees with high-quality customised training
  • Make use of performance measurement systems and focussed outcomes

Food safety matters. So, do your customers!

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