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The Road To Success With Employee Training

by Andrew Thomson on December 10, 2019

Training and development must be a game changer for many food businesses in 2020.

Effective quality training and development programs must become a top priority for all managers, particularly those overseeing food operations and that have been subject to negative audit outcomes and publicity.

Many of these operations are still focused on generic compliance approaches to employee training.

It’s time for these operations to shift away from this training approach which has not served them well over time. They need to excel, otherwise they risk being left behind.

A solid training and development program is critical for the ultimate success of any employee for them to be able to perform their job well.

Moving forward……

It’s important for managers to share their overall business strategy with their employees because it provides a glimpse into your perspective and intended goals and direction for your organisation.

A well trained and knowledgeable employee provides the best protection for a healthy operation, it also delivers your employees with information and skills that allow them to play a greater role. This type of training raises the status of the job, eliminates serious incidents, and tends to reduce staff turnover as workers feel they are part of something important and are recognised for their contribution. Employees that are not adequately trained cannot be expected to perform at the level that will be required of them.

Final word…..

The YouTube video How to improve training and make it stick has been released and offers some sound, practical advice.

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