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Skills-based training

by Andrew Thomson on May 18, 2022

I have been discussing the importance of skills-based employee training programs on LinkedIn and across the food industry. Now if you’re wondering where to start, then I have the answer for you! Leaders, YOU must conduct an accurate assessment of where your food operation and employees are today and where the business wants to go in the future. Without analysis, it will be difficult for you and your food operation to prioritise initiatives and focus resources on those priorities. Learning programs to meet your needs, within set budgets and time frames is what’s called for.

Here’s a skills solution offered to one food service client…..

Involving Rationale/Comcater from the outset was a top priority in providing skills-based learning for chefs at this large-scale food service operation. This customised skills program was designed with key goals in mind: explain and demonstrate how to use a Rational Combi Oven correctly and safely for food quality; improve kitchen operational efficiencies and productivity. Food temperature monitoring and digital recording of cooked food temperatures were also demonstrated to assist with meeting food safety compliance. Like all well-designed learning programs practicing newly acquired skills is a must. It is a critical step often overlooked by food service and retail food leaders. Food safety training is an excellent example of this. Check out this latest video for sound advice.