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Shaping The Future Of Texture Modified Food

by Andrew Thomson on May 5, 2020

The Pure Food Co is a shining star on the business, health and aged care landscapes.

Pure Food Co takes fresh, good quality food and texture modifies it for people who have swallowing difficulties – these people can still enjoy the food they need for good nutrition.

Product demand reached a point where company owners Sam Bridgewater and Maia Royal made a significant investment in a new production facility in Auckland to fulfil their goal of supplying every New Zealand hospital and aged care facility with high quality texture modified food with clinical benefits.

Growing opportunities resulted in the company crossing the ditch into the Australian market.   

Melbourne based business and marketing specialist Chris Deed was appointed in October last year to kick start the Australian journey.

With Deed on a mission and keen to promote his product to the local market we met up earlier in the year at an Adelaide Central Market café – I was keen to learn more about production processes and an understanding of how the company manages food safety as there have been too many outbreaks of food-borne illness linked to texture modified meals produced in aged care facilities in Australia and overseas. Some of these outbreaks have had tragic consequences.

Deed provided the safety assurances I was looking for; and he emphasised that every product has a consistently smooth texture, and this was crucial because someone who could not chew could choke on a lump as small as two millimetres wide.

Pure Foods texture modified products are guaranteed to be safe texture.

  • Developed with speech pathologists to meet the IDDSI framework.
  • Technology employed to ensure product consistency.
  • Level 4 – Pureed and Level 5 – Minced and Moist.

Innovative technology is used to produce to the highest food safety standards.

  • Pasteurisation used to ensure products are free from contamination.
  • Hot filled and sealed with the aid of an automated packing line.
  • Strict food safety controls used to meet and exceed the standards of governing bodies.
  • Audited by Telarc, New Zealand’s largest auditing body.
  • Meets AQIS requirements.

Assisting facilities to achieve kitchen food safety requirements.

  • Delivered sealed and frozen.
  • Minimal preparation required – ‘heat and serve’.
  • Significantly reduced infection risk, with minimal handling required.

 Now is the time for your food service operation to make the safe switch!