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Proactive Employee Training

by Andrew Thomson on June 7, 2022

It’s hard to believe there are not enough skilled workers to cook and serve food in restaurants and cafes; production workers for the processing of fruit and vegetables; and staff to cook and prepare food for our most vulnerable in aged and healthcare settings.

Many of these roles will become redundant or force business closures if there are not enough skilled employees.

Today’s employees want to feel valued and their efforts recognised. They are wanting job satisfaction, greater opportunities and progression – this is true of millennials. 

It’s time for leaders across the broader food industry to step up and urgently invest in a skills development program for their employees. Prescriptive compliance or reactive training methods offer limited value.

Adopting a different mindset will enable leaders to see the bigger picture to meet current and future business and employee skills needs; it will help improve productivity and provides a competitive edge. It will also greatly assist in attracting and retaining skilled employees.

What happens to your food operation if you cannot recruit suitably trained staff?

If upskilling your food employees matter to you and want to explore more about how you can achieve this, then reach out to us at We look forward to supporting you!