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Post COVID Training Programs For Foodservices

by Andrew Thomson on October 6, 2020

In a post COVID environment, Australian foodservice businesses (i.e. healthcare, aged care, hospitality¸ catering operations) will need to develop a strong, skilled and flexible workforce to match the changing economic climate. Foodservice businesses will face the challenge to remain viable with an ability to meet national standards, regulations, and increasing customer expectations.

Today it is acknowledged that foodservice employees are not sufficiently nor regularly engaged in learning programs around new skills – the Interim Report Aged Care in Australia: A Shocking Tale of Neglect discusses the lack of workforce training for the aged care sector. In hospitality, there is an increasing number of prosecutions and infringements notices issued for breaches of food safety laws. This indicates a lack of knowledge and understanding of correct (food) hygiene and food safety practises.

The current economic climate will demand that businesses remain competitive, with a focus on reforming existing practices in learning and management of staff training. Reform in this context will include a focus on risk management, new directions and new strategies and a planned approach. 

The outcome will ensure a reformed training system, providing better use of financial and human resources and an ability to adapt to necessary Post COVID change and challenges. 

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