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Hefty cost for pizza cafe- pizza topped with glass

by Andrew Thomson on February 21, 2022

The Adelaide Magistrates Court convicted an Adelaide pizza café owner for breaching South Australia’s food safety standards.

The owner has been fined $10,500 for food safety breaches – after several consumer complaints including a customer who found shards of glass in their pizza reports the UK Daily Mirror.

Business owners and frontline leaders need an understanding of their food law obligations and visibly demonstrate this.

Food safety colleague Dr. Doug Powell says …’ anyone who provides food to the public is responsible for its safety.

Blaming employees is never a good strategy.

That’s exactly what the owner of this pizza café did while pleading guilty to eighteen breaches of South Australia’s food safety standards.

Inspectors from the local council discovered mouldy food which had been left uncovered.

Equipment in the kitchen was described as filthy, while they said the restaurant was “grubby and disgraceful”, 9News reported.

A spokesman for Port Adelaide Enfield Council said: “Previous action and food safety education were not acting as a deterrent.

To rectify the concerns the owner assured the council he has spent thousands of dollars to ensure there is no repeat of the poor conditions.

This raises an important question for all food businesses.

Does your food business incorporate hygiene into its business strategy?

Having high standards of hygiene standards and food safety assists with maintaining profitability and consumer confidence and trust.

Images courtesy of UK Daily Mirror

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