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Lunchboxes & Food Safety

by Andrew Thomson on January 20, 2021

Food Standards Australia New Zealand provide the following advice.

With school going back in couple of weeks, making school lunches will once again be part of family routines. Proper preparation and storage of school lunch boxes is important to ensure the food stays safe to eat, particularly in warmer conditions.

KEEP IT COOL Summer temperatures can provide the perfect conditions for bacterial growth in food increasing the risk of foodborne illness. The ‘danger zone’ for bacterial growth is between 5°C and 60°C. Keeping lunchboxes cool, outside the danger zone, is a good way to keep food safe.

A few tips to follow:

Use an insulated lunch box Use freezer blocks or frozen water bottles inside the lunchbox Keep perishable items between freezer blocks.
Keep the food in the fridge until you leave for school.
Where possible, keep lunches in a cool place at school and avoid direct sunlight.
Avoid reusing any perishable food that hasn’t been eaten.

When preparing food for lunch boxes, remember to wash your hands before and after handling food, and remember to regularly clean and dry lunch boxes and utensils.