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Improving Profits Through Digital Food Temperature Monitoring

by Andrew Thomson on September 17, 2019

When it comes to increasing business profits and food safety compliance, I want to give you this tip. Move away from recording temperatures manually on clipboards to a complete temperature monitoring system for safety, compliance and efficiency; it will also give you peace of mind. Here’s why:

Accuracy: it removes human error and ensures Food Safety Management System compliance by using modern digital data-logging equipment providing time, date stamps and temperature data.

This type of system collects data of the temperatures of equipment such as: coolrooms, freezers, refrigerators, deli cases and dishwashers at set intervals using sensors. This reduces the likelihood of delays or inconsistent temperature measurement and recording using manual methods by kitchen staff.

Consistency: today’s technology ensures you will be provided with consistent recording of temperatures to satisfy internal reporting requirements and those of food regulatory agencies.

Efficiency: temperature monitoring devices have low power consumption.

Flexibility: there’s more flexibility with temperature measuring devices today – whether it’s a fixed location device in a coolroom or a convenient handheld measuring device for measuring cooked food this can be stored internally or through a wireless connection to external storage on a designated computer on the premises or in the cloud.

Responsiveness: when the temperature measuring sensor picks up a change in environmental conditions leading to unsafe conditions, key kitchen or maintenance employees are alerted immediately. They can then respond by transferring food or dishes to appropriate storage areas and investigate the problem as well as throwing away food which does not meet safety and quality standards.

Audit-trail: supports traceability of food products and an audit-trail as there is a complete recorded history.

Final word…..

Proper temperature management is of critical importance for all food businesses. Careful monitoring of temperatures in many areas around the kitchen, coolrooms and fridges is essential for maintaining high standards of food safety.

There are too many risks and limitations with paper logs, it’s an old fashioned and inefficient way of performing a monitoring activity. It also impedes business activity in so many ways.

Take the risk out of uncertainty by investing in a temperature monitoring system. A digital monitoring system will provide you and your business with the confidence and assurance you are looking for managing food safety compliance and risk – it will also greatly assist with the bottom line.

 **Make sure your equipment is calibrated on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and meets food law requirements. The commonly used ice slurry method is not a calibration method. Speak to your supplier on when your equipment should be calibrated, how this should be done, and who should do it.

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