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Good Management Of Cleaning Standards In Food Service Operations

by Andrew Thomson on March 24, 2020

Senior managers responsible for the oversight of standards of cleaning need to be aware of relevant cleaning and safety standards and other regulatory requirements and ensure your organisation abides by them.

Food service businesses (restaurants, convention centres, large caterers, aged care and hospital kitchens) need to ensure that risks associated with cleaning programs within their operations are properly identified, reported and controlled.

The key action points for senior managers to embrace are:

  • understanding and accepting their role and responsibility in cleaning leadership
  • understanding and accepting a level of accountability for their role
  • understanding the organisation’s obligations under various standards and legislation
  • creating clearly defined operational policies that include accountabilities, risk and reporting
  • to oversee operational actions in cleaning matters.

Cleaning is an operational risk which is a fundamental part of an organisation’s risk management strategy. Management have a duty to exercise due diligence to ensure that the organisation complies with its cleaning obligations. Failure to effectively manage these risks has both human and business costs – this includes damaged reputations and negative publicity.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution for establishing and maintaining effective management of cleaning standards. There are, however, several basic questions which a senior manager can ask to assist in creating the right business culture and standards.

•           Have operational managers and supervisors adequately identified, assessed and developed appropriate risk reduction strategies for cleaning? What verification processes were applied?

•           What relevant information is provided on cleaning operations? Is this reporting sufficient?

•           What processes are in place to inform management of the results (and actions taken) from internal and external audits?

•           What processes are in place for monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning standards?

•           Have operational managers employed cleaning employees and supervisors that are competent and adequately trained in their cleaning responsibilities and accountabilities?

It’s time for foodservice operations to move beyond meeting minimum compliance requirements and strive for business excellence.

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