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Food Safety Risk Monitoring And Reporting

by Andrew Thomson on August 29, 2019

Today at the ADEB Health and Aged Care event in Perth I discussed with delegates Food safety risks in Aged Care. A key issue highlighted is the importance of food safety risk monitoring and reporting processes. 

Food safety management is an area of operational risk management which remains overlooked by many food operations including aged care, hospitals and large catering operations, resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems or from external events.  Failure to appropriately manage operational risk can expose organisations to significant losses.

An effective monitoring and reporting process is essential for adequately managing operational risk. There should be timely reporting of key information to senior management and the board of directors to support proactive management of risks.

Health Care and Aged Care organisations need to ensure that risks to food safety management within their operations are properly identified, reported and controlled. Here is an example of food safety risk reporting I presented.

Like any risk management process, implementing a robust food safety management system and follow through requires the effort of a team to be successful. Food safety management is a fundamental part of an organisation’s risk management strategy.

Ensuring that you are connected to resources that will provide you with the latest industry knowledge will also help mitigate any potential problems and help manage your daily risks. Demonstrating due diligence in each level of your operation will help monitor staff performance and ensure that their skills are producing safe food. Failure to observe due diligence may come at a significant cost in the long term.