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Food Safety Remains A Concern When Catering For The Elderly

by Andrew Thomson on July 23, 2019

Image courtesy of SATC – Tasting Australia Aged Care

Catering to the elderly is a large part of quality of care.

With the introduction of the new Aged Care Quality Standards, aged care providers may require additional support to understand and interpret these new requirements to make effective change.

Be wary of health professionals and others providing (simple) food safety advice which is outside of their professional discipline and area of expertise as they are not adding value but in fact creating uncertainty and risk for everyone concerned.

In his November 2012 post in Barfblog, Dr Doug Powell a former professor of food safety asks if food safety is simple, why do so many people get sick? Dr Powell sticks by this point of view.

Brand protection and reputation is important here.

When it comes to food safety management, we understand that the success and good reputation of your food operation requires the input of many different components. One of the most important of those is the implementation of sound business practices which includes having access to up-to-date information from industry experts.

Your aged care food operation should reflect a culture of risk management. Your employees should be actively involved and educating them regularly in addition to keeping them motivated is required.

The role of the manager in encouraging and motivating employees to follow proper practices is critical. This means you and your catering team need to have a knowledge of food law and a high degree of understanding of food hygiene and food safety to ensure effective control.

Skilling up your food handling employees is vital.

Managers can shape the future of their operations by improving the learning experiences for their employees.

Effecting real change in food safety management requires a strategy.

Sometimes it’s a new way of doing things.

Developing a plan will help you implement and manage any new laws or changes to existing ones. 

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