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The Value Of Best Practice Training Resources

by Andrew Thomson on February 11, 2020

Employee training programs must be engaging to maximise your return on investment.

Successful training programs require the active involvement of management in any discussions with an external training contractor; they also need to have an awareness of the range of resources available that will contribute to training success.

When it comes to training programs there are two important but distinctly different components:  training resources and learning resources. Learning resources are the materials that employees use to acquire the appropriate skills and knowledge.

Training resources – irrespective of the training methodology used – face-to-face, webinars or e-learning include whiteboards, flip charts, photographs, video, training facilities and the trainer and assist with the employee learning experience.

Well-chosen and designed training aids can greatly enhance the training by stimulating interest, focusing concentration and presenting information in a different way. The right training aids can make a big difference to the success of a training session.

Effective training aids must be:

•           understood by all

•           suitable for the participants and the training.

Active training aids such as short video clips or working models and real demonstrations are some of the most effective.

The above high quality image was taken on-site for a client and included in a short video production as part of a tailored training solution specific to the business and employee needs. This ensures both the food business and employee have a sense of ownership.

For this client the training solution provided was deemed as industry best practice and received accolades from local food regulatory authorities. It also opened up new business opportunities.

Maximise your training dollar by selecting the right training provider or consultant to develop a customised training solution for your business so your employees can perform to the required business standard and meet customer and regulatory requirements.

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