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Innovation – Learning Is A Key To Success

by Andrew Thomson on October 15, 2019

How many times have you heard “innovation” in the past week?

If you’ve attended a conference, tuned into media outlets or spent any time on social media, the answer is probably somewhere between a dozen and too many times.

In the past week many of us have received constant messages about the need for the aged care sector through to an Australian rules football team must seek ways to continuously innovate with skills, services and processes to meet required standards and consumer /member expectations. 

Whether you’re a senior manager or a frontline leader you play a pivotal role in creating the right business environment to enable innovation. It requires an understanding of and accepting risk, it needs to include a strategy for facilitating discussion and promoting the sharing of innovative ideas and new approaches with employees and rewarding them.

Leaders need to be aware that they don’t have all the answers to bring about positive and sustainable change and they may need to seek information and advice from industry experts.

Managers can shape the future of their operations by improving the learning experiences for their employees and from this they will witness first-hand the many business advantages.

Training success requires a strategy.

It requires a new way of doing things.

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