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A Smorgasbord Of Training Choices

by Andrew Thomson on July 14, 2021

It is easy to get tempted by a ‘smorgasbord’ of training courses that are available right now. When it comes to upskilling for yourself or team members do you take potluck and choose a course that sounds good or a program that will be beneficial to you and your business needs and direction?

An important point to remember is the one size fits all approach to employee learning simply does not work.

Learning and skills development takes time, oomph, commitment and resources. It helps everyone stay on top of changes happening in an organisation and enables them to excel. Investing in your employees and watch them grow is quite powerful. Success requires having a well-structured learning program and system. It can also help with attracting and retaining employees, as they will feel more competent and even confident in their roles and deliver their best work every day.

In case you missed my latest piece on achieving a skilled and capable workforce in Hospital AND Healthcare, here is the link.

Image courtesy of Sydney Chef John McFadden.

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