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Eating Out Food Safety Fact Sheet

by Andrew Thomson on September 25, 2021

Food safety matters for everyone, but when you are living with cancer or going through chemo, it is even more important.

In one of our latest collaborations with Alexandra Stewart, Centre for Cancer Nutrition, we have compiled an Eating Out Fact Sheet highlighting what to look for when dining out in a restaurant or café.

Our Fact Sheets are practical risk communication tools that cut through the issues to provide quick, reliable and authoritative information to improve standards of food safety through changes in food handler (and management) behaviour across the food service sectors. Consumer awareness is also important.

If you have a relative or friend living with cancer share this informative Fact Sheet with them. Simply DM and request a copy. It could be lifesaving. Better still direct them to the Centre for Cancer Nutrition website and Facebook Page for more Food Safety Fact Sheets and other helpful information on nutrition and good eating.