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Closing The Loop On Employee Training

by Andrew Thomson on November 28, 2020

Everything to do with quality starts and ends with the customer.

So, if we viewed your employees as a customer, when was the last time you obtained their feedback following an employee training program?

Obtaining feedback from your employees following every training session is vital. I refer to this as closing the training loop. Many food business owners and managers and even registered training organisations overlook the importance of this step.

To ensure the quality of any training program, it needs to be monitored and reviewed in a systematic way with the results used for making improvements.

It is important to remember that training is an agent of change. It can change attitudes, improve knowledge or skills and modify behaviour to achieve effective performance in the workplace. The obvious benefit is a more effective workplace.

Moving forward

The training cycle is an involved process. The key is to create:

  • clearly defined training objectives and targets set by managers
  • a documented process to spell out the standard way that your processes are to be done
  • a process for the collection and analysis of data
  • a training process that can be continuously improved.

Analyse the comments and ratings and then take the appropriate actions. In doing so, this will add true value to your business.

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