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The health, safety and welfare of your staff and the public should be of paramount importance to any food business. Think ST Solutions is a consultancy comprised of food safety experts specialising in the creation of food safety tools and training solutions to help food businesses minimise the incidence of food borne illnesses in their operations. As a respected industry leader, we consult with food safety regulators and industry leaders to develop useful tools so that food business owners can build and manage a business culture with a strong emphasis on food safety.

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We have developed easy to use tools to assist food operations in the areas of food safety and proper cleaning methods. We can also provide businesses with guidance in strategic planning, business management, risk and compliance training and business consultancy solutions. Our client base includes restaurants, cafes, hotels, mobile food vans, food producers, food manufacturers, hospitals and aged care facilities. We can develop or modify our food safety tools for just about any business that includes a food component as part of its operation.

By law, every food business is required to follow the Food Standard Code developed by regulatory agencies such as FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) and other Food Acts that may apply within their jurisdiction (State or Territory).

It is the role of the Environmental Health Officers to enforce these regulatory food standards, and unfortunately, with all there is to do to run a successful food business, many business owners become overwhelmed. Food law breaches can be costly to any business when fines are levied for incidents of food poisoning or food contamination. Increased insurance costs can also result from these occurrences and you run the risk of jeopardising the future of your business. Businesses interested in providing a high degree of public satisfaction and customer confidence incorporate both regulatory food standards and internal food safety programs to better manage food safety within their operation. Making sure to include both will help to minimise or eradicate any chance of food poisoning outbreaks resulting from product mishandling in your operation.

Our Products page is full of useful tools and checklists that you can purchase and begin using today. The evaluation of your food safety processes can begin with a quick food safety review of your operation. The review will uncover critical areas you need to focus on and make necessary adjustments to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. Food pathogens such as Listeria, E.Coli and Salmonella are easily preventable from reaching your food supply if you know what to look for and how to handle your food products correctly.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have in how to go about developing food safety processes in your small, mid or large size food operation. Our experience can help you immediately begin to reduce your food risks and your business costs.

About Us

Think ST Solutions is a training and publications consultancy offering practical solutions to both management and staff in hospitals, aged care facilities, restaurants, hotels and the food industry. We specialise in food safety, strategic planning, business management, risk and compliance training and business consultancy solutions.


Our Products page is full of useful tools and checklists that you can purchase and begin using today.

Food Risks Blog

Our FoodRisks blog offers practical information, tips and solutions to the food business owner to assist them produce safe food and ultimately achieve compliance.

Are you compliant?

Our Mini Food Safety Health Check provides you with a quick snapshot of food safety in your food business. This series of questions will help you to discover risks in your business and identify specific products we can assist you with that are suitable for your business.

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