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The health, safety and welfare of your employees and the public should be of paramount importance to any food business. Think ST Solutions is a food consultancy comprised of food safety experts specialising in the creation of food safety tools and training solutions to help food businesses minimise the incidence of foodborne illness and other food safety incidents in their operations. As a respected industry leader, we consult with food safety regulators and industry leaders to develop useful tools so that food business owners and leaders can build and manage a business culture with a strong emphasis on food safety.

About Us

Think ST Solutions offers practical solutions to both management and employees in hospitals, aged care facilities, restaurants, hotels, foodservice operations across the food industry. Think ST Solutions specialise in food safety training, risk management and compliance strategies, audit, training and business improvement solutions.


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Food Risks Blog

Our FoodRisks blog offers practical information, tips and solutions to the food business owner to assist them produce safe food and ultimately achieve compliance.

Are you compliant?

Our Mini Food Safety Health Check provides you with a quick snapshot of food safety in your food business. This series of questions will help you to discover risks in your business and identify specific products we can assist you with that are suitable for your business.

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