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Food & Hotel Services – Risk. What Risk? Workshop

by Andrew Thomson on April 4, 2018

A workshop for the Aged Care sector on 25 May 2018, Adelaide.

It is increasingly important for Health Care and Aged Care to stay on top of industry developments and ensure they comply with relevant legislation on food safety and meal quality, cleaning standards, training, and risk.

This workshop provides a platform for Facility Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Directors, and Chief Executives to better understand operational risk and legal responsibilities in Food and Hotel Services.

The workshop will examine current practices in Aged Care and analyse case studies to highlight the lessons we can learn from the recent past.

Our line-up of speakers includes:

Andrew Thomson – Think ST Solutions, Principal Consultant

Charmaine Noble – Gallagher, Branch Director

Kelley Russo – PISA Delivering on Meals and Expectations, CEO

RN Sue Carpenter – Work Health and Safety Specialist

Further information and Registration on Eventbrite by clicking on this link

Food & Hotel Services – Risk. What Risk?